The Workplace — A Few Charts

by on September 28, 2017

I have tried to use diagrams to explain the vast impact that the never ending search for higher shareholder value has had on the American [more…]

Santa Claus, Taxes and Deficits

by on December 17, 2015

"Deficits don't matter", to borrow a phrase made famous by Dick Cheney. Hardly a left of center guy, Cheney was defending the sea of red [more…]

Interest Rate Mania

by on October 29, 2015

People keep asking me about interest rates. I wish they would stop. The question always make me feel like mimicking Eugene Fama: rates are rates. [more…]

A Voter Takes on Econ 101

by on September 9, 2015

There is little more depressing than American presidential politics at the moment. It is, to borrow a phrase, theater of the absurd.

Hillary Clinton is [more…]

The SEC rules on CEO Pay – Sort Of

by on August 5, 2015

I have a friend who counts bank reform as one of Obama's signature achievements. Maybe. But what he probably doesn't realize is that it is [more…]

Memoirs from Beyond the Tomb

by on July 14, 2015

Right at the end of his book called "Memoirs from Beyond the Tomb" Chateaubriand gives us a remarkable insight into our current troubles. I wonder [more…]


by on February 14, 2014

Have you been following the Chattanooga story?

In a nutshell here it is:

Volkswagen has a big production plant there. VW was given the usual [more…]

Does it Matter?

by on January 7, 2014

To some people there are signs that 2014 will be a better year than 2013 for the economy. Not much better perhaps, but better. Perhaps. [more…]

Are You Being Served?

by on December 11, 2013

That was the title of an old British sitcom. It is also an appropriate question in today's economy. David Cay Johnston does us all a favor [more…]

Five Years and Counting Stuck

by on August 26, 2013

Depending on when you think the crisis started its fifth anniversary is either here now or about to be upon us. This is not the [more…]