fiscal cliff

Santa Claus, Taxes and Deficits

by on December 17, 2015

"Deficits don't matter", to borrow a phrase made famous by Dick Cheney. Hardly a left of center guy, Cheney was defending the sea of red [more…]

Debt Ceiling – Reminder

by on October 26, 2015

Just in case you thought we had entered a quieter period in our politics, allow me to remind you that the oddity known as the [more…]

Back to the Budget

by on January 29, 2015

One of the least remarked upon aspects of the President's State of the Union address last week was that it made no reference to the [more…]

Grand Bargain R.I.P.

by on February 21, 2014

Thank goodness too.

There was some angst amongst left leaning analysts earlier this week because the smoke signals rising from the White House suggested that [more…]

Republican Sanity? Perhaps

by on October 17, 2013

Just a quick reminder: before we all get carried away with this new post-crisis dawn stuff, we should remember that two-thirds of the House Republicans [more…]


by on October 17, 2013

The Republicans achieved nothing, but they did a lot of damage. That seems to be the emerging consensus this morning as Americans put their heads [more…]

Civil War – The Rise of The South

by on October 15, 2013

I mean seriously.

The details of a deal being brokered in the Senate to end both the debt ceiling hostage taking and the government shut [more…]

Negotiation Boehner Style

by on October 10, 2013

Goes like this:

I won't shoot the hostage today. I will give you six extra weeks to meet my demands. Then I'll shoot the hostage.


Default Watch: Episode 3

by on October 10, 2013

This is compelling theater. In a black humor kind of way.

One of the things we are learning is that a large number of people [more…]

If Not Boehner … Who?

by on October 8, 2013

A lot of media chatter has focused on Speaker Boehner's various supposed weaknesses and his capitulation to the extremist right wingers in his caucus. There [more…]