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by on February 14, 2014

Have you been following the Chattanooga story?

In a nutshell here it is:

Volkswagen has a big production plant there. VW was given the usual [more…]

2014: Same as 2013?

by on January 2, 2014

Well, it looks that way. We seem to be stuck in something akin to the mud that engulfed my neighbors car a week or so [more…]

Signs of Life? Part 2

by on December 5, 2013

Yesterday's reports of economic strength have been followed by a couple of similar reports today. We are spoiled by good news. Well sort of.

The [more…]

Five Years Already

by on September 11, 2013

Amazing. It's roughly five years since the economy tanked, since Lehmann folded, and since we began to discuss the worth or otherwise of bailouts. Five [more…]

More Sideways Than Up

by on April 29, 2013

The economy just can't get on a roll. We managed to get passed the slow down of late last year only to run full square [more…]

Growth, But Barely?

by on February 28, 2013

Today's headline is that the economy grew, just, in the fourth quarter last year. GDP rose at an annual rate of 0.1%, down from 3.1% [more…]

Durable Goods Orders Slump

by on February 27, 2013

But don't worry.

Let me repeat myself: this is both an important statistic and a very volatile one. It is important because the things being [more…]

Simpson-Bowles: They’re Back!

by on February 19, 2013

Yes. Simpson and Bowles are back at it.

Erskine Bowles, former Clinton aide, and Alan Simpson former Republican Senator from Wyoming, are back in the [more…]

The Market Gets Queasy

by on February 18, 2013

As we approach yet another of our self-inflicted crises, the 'sequester cliff', I find it amusing that the markets are reacting with surprising unanimity. Cutting [more…]

The Economy Trips Up – Or Does It?

by on January 30, 2013

Oh dear. Two days ago I suggested things were looking up. Today we hear about fourth quarter economic growth. GDP - the measure we use, [more…]