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Off Topic: America and its Guns

by on October 2, 2015

America is an armed camp. It brims with guns. It is proud of its guns. It lauds its military above all other institutions, and it [more…]

Trump’s Tax Plan

by on September 30, 2015

I wasn't going to mention it, but someone asked, so here's what I think of Trump's tax plan.

Well, I can't write that here.

In [more…]

Automation and History

by on September 29, 2015

History always has something doesn't it?

Here is John Aziz writing at Pieria:
"So what does that mean today, as we get caught up in [more…]

Boehner’s Demise

by on September 25, 2015

Losing John Boehner from his post as leader of the fractious Republican party in the House of Representatives marks another step in the slow attrition [more…]

Quote: Capitalism

by on September 22, 2015

While preparing for a speech here I came across this:
"The shrinking of the middle class is not a failure of capitalism. It's a failure [more…]

Interest Rates

by on September 22, 2015

The Fed's decision last week not to raise interest rates has produced a predictable burst of apoplexy in the banking industry.

So what?

Banks would [more…]

Beating Dead Horse?

by on September 22, 2015

I am not sure I understand the point of Alexander Kaufman's column in the Huffington Post. In it he takes Paul Krugman to task for [more…]

Jeb!’s Tax Plan Blues

by on September 10, 2015

Silly season is well and truly underway.

Earlier this week Jeb! - formerly known as Jeb Bush - released his great spanking new tax plan. [more…]

A Voter Takes on Econ 101

by on September 9, 2015

There is little more depressing than American presidential politics at the moment. It is, to borrow a phrase, theater of the absurd.

Hillary Clinton is [more…]

Let’s All Blame Capitalism

by on September 2, 2015

Well, actually let's not.

Just as much as I decry single minded adherence to what I have called the binary vision of our world, as [more…]