Follow up on Clinton

February 4, 2016

Let me be brief.

One of the fascinations in the current presidential election campaign is that both parties are being challenged by relative outsiders. Let's set aside just how 'outside' some of the challengers are, and focus on why this challenge is getting the traction it is.

From my point of view it is quite [more…]


February 2, 2016

So where are we?

Nowhere further forward. Except, perhaps, that we now know about half of the Democrats in Iowa think Clinton is an extension rather than a repudiation of the past.

And I think that matters.

The time has come for us all to assess just where we are. There is way too much [more…]

An Actual Election?

February 1, 2016

Well kind of. If you count a caucus as an election. So here we go, the 2016 presidential election gets under way with something more than hyperbolic news reporting. Sometime in the next twenty-four hours we will have hyperbolic reporting tinged with actual voter information.

All the preamble, which feels as if it began in [more…]

GDP and Other Complex Numbers

January 20, 2016

When investment advisors want to justify their expensive and ineffective advice they look for red herrings to batter their clients with. One such example surfaced in, of all places, Pieria last week. It was an article sourced from Schroders about how misleading GDP is ¬†as a measure of economic wellbeing. The article is one of [more…]

Lamppost Afterthoughts

January 12, 2016

Notes from the cutting room floor:

Lest anyone be mistaken I am aware that we live in a world of models. Everything we do can be described at some level of abstraction as a model. Our entire ability to live is based upon modeling. Our various systems and bodily functions are models. That is these [more…]