Spite as Policy

October 17, 2017

There's not much to say, but let me say it anyway:

Last week Trump simply stopped pretending he wants to make policy based on thought. He revealed, instead, that his primal driving force is to humiliate and stomp on anyone who stops him being in total control. Since Congress failed to deliver a "repeal and [more…]

Health Care Front Lines

October 13, 2017

Health care is the muddy hellhole pocked wasteland of American politics. Forgive my World War One analogy, but its the best I can come up with. We are stuck in mindless trench warfare. The generals sit somewhere off to one side planning the next big futile initiative and the troops -- in this case you [more…]

Geography as an Example

October 3, 2017

Let me be very quick:

Geography is not taught [if it is taught at all] as if there are no rivers, mountains, plains, valleys, coasts, seas, or oceans. Cities, towns, villages and the networks that connect them exist in even the most elementary geography lesson. Geographers don't begin their lessons by ignoring reality. They dive [more…]

More Fog

October 3, 2017

We still don't have much clue what the Republicans want to do with their tax plan. It isn't that we can't understand the details, it is that there are no details to understand.

Take the corporate tax rate.

The big argument being put forward for a change in the corporate tax rate is that, at [more…]

Las Vegas

October 2, 2017

So we go through it all again.

We go through the constant call for payers. The incessant search for reasons; the outpouring of emotion; the interviews; the graphics; the enumeration of mayhem; the grief of families; the interviews with experts; and the silence of the voices lost.

There are never, however, efforts to deal with the [more…]