McCloskey Disses Democracy

November 25, 2014

Actually it's McCloskey dissing what she calls leftish economists generally, although poor Piketty and his notorious book provides the moment she seizes to attack us misguided folk. Riven through with fundamental error and hopelessly soft we have all, apparently, misunderstood the great sweep of history.

The lesson from which is that all is swell if we just leave it [more…]

American Decline To Accelerate?

November 10, 2014

This is off topic:

I have a number of American friends who are Republicans. For years they have berated Obama for a lack of leadership. They consider him arrogant yet ineffectual. They blame him for what they perceive as a decline in the power and prestige of America.

This is twaddle. But it is commonplace.


DSGE Is a Plutocratic Tool

November 7, 2014

Hah! That caught your attention.

People who criticize General Equilibrium - henceforth GE - often fail to mention one of its major benefits to mainstream economists, one that explains its tenacity despite its obvious irrelevance as a real economic artifact.

This is that it is a weapon that allows economists to expunge politics from their [more…]

There He Goes Again

I have a friend who can be guaranteed to wax lyrical about anything Barack Obama does.

Me? Not so much. I have never been a big fan. I look at him as being the least worst option. Good on a few social issues, making a start on health care, botching bank reform [horribly], and generally [more…]

First Friday

Coming soon are First Friday graphical presentations. [more…]